Full Year 年度合集

[澳大利亚版]Vogue 时尚杂志 2017年全年订阅(更新至4月刊)

《VOGUE》,这本成立于1892年的杂志是世界上历史悠久广受尊崇的一本时尚类杂志。杂志内容涉及时装、化妆、美容、健康、娱乐和艺术等各个方面,是一本综合性时尚生活杂志。No other magazines combine beauty, style, glamour, design, fashion and contemporary culture in such an inspiring mix. VOGUE employs the most talented photographers, stylists, writers and editors to fill the pages each month with new trends, controversial images and challenging ideas.

[美国版]The Atlantic 大西洋月刊 2017年全年订阅(更新至4月刊)

《大西洋月刊》是美国最受尊敬的杂志之一,一本有关文学、政治、科学与艺术的杂志,第一期出版于1857年11月。《大西洋月刊》坚持无党派、无偏见原则,对于任何事物采取一种超然、充满智力性、幽默的、有艺术感的态度。它拒绝将自己置于任何派系中,但它将永远会与拥戴自由、国家进步、荣誉这种信念的人在一起。The Atlantic Monthly (also known as The Atlantic) is an American literary/cultural magazine founded in Boston in 1857. Originally a monthly publication, the magazine, subscribed to by 480,000 readers, now publishes ten times a year and features articles in the fields of political science and foreign affairs, as well as book reviews.